Welcome to Balbi & Tahalele Advies

We are a legal consultancy firm that offers legal advice and coaching services.


Justice, courage and truth is what motivates us.

We are specialized in labour law, civil service law and privacy law. We also provide advice and support for employees who want to report integrity violations or a possible wrongdoing within their organization. We also assist employees in filing sexual harassment complaints.

Our clients are individuals and companies. For companies we provide both legal services in individual cases or in company interim (legal) services.

We are fluent in Dutch, English and Italian. Although court proceedings will always be in Dutch, we are able to translate and explain the procedure to you in the aforementioned languages.


The coaching we offer is a unique blend of a (legal) analytical mind mixed with intuition and spirituality. The synergy of an analytical mindset, coaching skills and shamanic studies offers you the possibility to transform your life on many levels.